Workplan & Quality Assurance Protection Plan

The NRA Clean Rivers Program is guided by a Workplan and Quality Assurance Protection Plan (QAPP) which is developed every other year as part of our contract with TCEQ.


The workplan describes all the activities to be carried out in the Clean Rivers Program in six tasks with specific objectives:

Task 1.
Project Administration – Manage all administrative functions required to support the Clean Rivers Program (CRP) contract.
Task 2.
Quality Assurance – Conduct data collection activities in accordance with an integrated system of quality management activities involving planning, assessment, implementation, training, and quality improvement.
Task 3.
Water Quality Monitoring – Characterize water quality for a variety of locations and conditions including a combination of the following:
  • Planning and coordinating of basin-wide monitoring;
  • Routine, regularly scheduled monitoring to collect long-term information and support statewide assessment of water quality; and
  • Systematic and regularly scheduled short-term monitoring to screen water bodies for issues.
Task 4.
Data Management – Manage a quality-assured water quality monitoring database and submit data to TCEQ in the required format for inclusion in the Surface Water Quality Monitoring Information System (SWQMIS) database.
Task 5.
Data Analysis and Reporting Conduct – Analyze data and develop reports that provide information to describe water quality and identify priority water quality issues for further investigation or action.
Task 6.
Stakeholder Participation and Public Outreach – Enhance and support participation of stakeholders in the development of water quality objectives and priorities for the basin. Engage in education and outreach activities to enhance stakeholder knowledge and involvement.

Quality Assurance Protection Plan

The QAPP is a separate document with explicit details on the parameter criteria, how water quality sampling is to be accomplished, and how samples are to be handled and data analyzed.


NRA QAPP FY22-23  Amendment #1

NRA QAPP FY20-21  Amendment #1  Amendment #2  Amendment #3

Amendment #4

All monitoring is conducted in accordance with the QAPP which relies on TCEQ’s Surface Water Quality Monitoring Procedures, Volumes 1 and 2. (complete titles and links below)